About Us

Our Approach

Commercial audio can mean many things. Large-scale installations with hundreds of individual speakers working seamlessly together or a spinning room with sound to drive your workout. Our controller makes every use, user friendly.

Our Story

An industry pioneer, LAR Audio systems created it’s own unique market segment. Our original large-scale distributed audio solution, the LAR Cube, put a custom public address system on tens of thousands stock-brokers desks. One flip of the CEO’s switch would alert his entire team to take immediate action. Easy enough today, not in 1992.

Meet our Leadership Team

Designing and installing large projects has challenges, even when you’re just integrating other companies hardware. On the other hand, designing, manufacturing and delivering systems from the ground up takes vision, dedication and LAR Audio Systems.

Larry Kutner

Founder & CEO

Since 1980 Larry has used advanced engineering to simplify his customers lives.

Joe Siegmann


A gifted engineer and innovator, Joe dissects and solves more complex problems before breakfast than most do in a lifetime.

David Cox

Sales & Marketing

After 25 years in broadcast advertising, Dave is proud to represent the leader in integrated commercial audio.

Brianna Filippone

Senior Assembly Technician

Next Steps…

From single room audio systems to complete facility installations, LAR solves every audio problem… simply.