New Builds

LAR Audio Systems has helped hundreds of businesses start out with a comprehensive audio plan for their entire facility. Background music, paging and public address all integrated in one unified approach


If your business is expanding or adding a new audio need. Let LAR Audio introduce you to trouble-free audio solutions. Our, simple user interface guarantees the fastest learning curve available in the industry.

On-Demand Design

Our in-house design team innovates on demand. Agile and responsive, LAR Audio Systems virtually invented boutique electronic design. With decades of private label experience, we deliver daily.

Get the big picture, we can help.

LAR Audio is proud to provide Digital Signage, LED Walls and projector systems for any sized business.  We’ve installed signs and displays from fifty five inches to a whopping twenty four feet. Hardware, software and content to deliver powerful messaging to every audience.


Digital Media Creation

Need a new animated logo for the web… 
You’d love drone footage of your new building…
Want an 360 degree immersive photo of your business?
How about spinning product shots for your web store?

LAR can do all that plus, video production, graphics and animation, web design… 

Let Dave create eye-catching digital assets for all your platforms! 


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Relationships Matter

40 years is a long time and we’re just getting started. Rest assured that your LAR Audio System will outlast every other option, period. 
In addition to our production models, we can design and build custom audio products to suit any need. 

Next Steps…

 LAR Audio Systems focuses on solving complex audio needs with a simple user interface. Let us make your audio easy, dependable and sound incredible!