Different by design

Built for the demands of fitness professionals, LAR Audio makes systems designed for ease of use and unparalleled durability. 
Our rock-solid fitness systems provide years of service, without the service calls.
World’s easiest to operate sound system
Huge sound output with no-compromise audio quality

Nearly indestructible – 10-Year Warranty
Industry exclusive control amplifier
Guaranteed audio quality from day one

LAR is built for business.

LAR delivers easy to use, great sounding audio systems that last. 
For over 40 years, LAR Audio has lead the industry in making dependable, durable and dynamic audio systems that keep sounding great – guaranteed! 

Our Control Amplifier

The heart of your sound system is the LAR MV-1.24X, proudly made in the USA.
The reason we can offer so many features and guaranteed performance built-in, is because we build them.
Every system is designed, assembled & performance tested in Niagara Falls, NY, since 1984.

Trusted, with good reason.

Our customers are our biggest advocates!
Amy Beume, owner of the Catalyst Fitness brand with 7 locations, uses LAR Audio exclusively at all her facilities. 
Catalyst Fitness first opened in 1994 and LAR Audio was there. Many of the systems installed in that first club are still running strong and sounding great… 20+ years later.

Easy to operate, no-compromise sound.

Just because LAR Audio makes the most indestructible and easiest to use sound systems, it doesn’t mean we skimp on sound quality. 
Just the opposite is true, our sound quality is among the best available. We overbuild every aspect of your system to insure long-lasting performance.
And unlike our competition, your new LAR Audio system will continue to sound amazing, with no sound degradation,  guaranteed for 10 years.

During this show is an excellent time to solve all your fitness audio problems. LAR Audio is offering substantial saving to all show attendees. Additional savings can be realized with multiple system orders.