The LAR Audio MV-1.11X brings world-class ease of use and dependability to small and medium facilities.

Designed for 70V/100V distributed audio for 1-30 full-range speakers.

The LAR Audio MV-2.11BX  is switchable between stereo and bi-amp mode for maximum versatility.

Designed for two 8 Ohm speakers or up to 30 70V100V speakers with a subwoofer. 

For customers who need 100% uptime, an easy to use interface and high volume capabilities.

Engineered for high-volume output distributed 70V/100V installed speakers or PA speakers and subwoofers from 2 to 8 ohms.

The LAR Audio AE-1.24X combines unrivaled durability with a simple control interface. 
Installer set music/voice ratio insures consistent output mix with master volume control.
The LAR-2600G commercial duty power amplifier stands alone in it’s power capacity. This no-compromise 2 tier class H stereo amplifier is built to order and can be customized for the most demanding requirements.  Unique to this design is the ability to drive 2Ω loads without compromise.
LAR Audio presents the LAR-HWM1 our exclusive headworn fitness microphone!
Strong, clear sound and rugged usability makes this the go-to for hard working fitness professionals.
Every microphone is assembled, tested and shipped from our facility in Niagara Falls, NY.