This page is dedicated to helping you with every aspect of your LAR Audio System. See below for the most current information on our systems.

Manual for our latest MV/AE controllers

Cut Sheet for our latest MV/AE controllers

What model do I have?
 Download this – Controller Code Legend


What does the 10-year warranty cover?

On all new, qualified LAR systems purchased directly from an authorized LAR dealer; LAR will repair or replace defective controller amplifiers and speakers within 10 years of the purchase date. Abuse isn’t covered… If drinks, fog juice, rain, flooding, lightning, rodents, smoke, fire or other damage causes your system to fail, we offer a substantial existing customer discount.

What makes an LAR qualified system?

A qualified system is one that uses an LAR controller with certified speakers using appropriate gauge wire in the correct configuration. Ask your dealer or LAR directly if you’d like to DIY a qualified system.

What does LAR speaker certification entail?

LAR auditions hundreds of speakers from many manufacturers. We rigorously test and modify select speakers to withstand extreme duty cycle operation. This would be much easier if we were “less picky” about sound quality, but great sound is our primary concern.

Can I have a speaker I like certified?

We can certainly test a speaker to see if it meets our standards. Please call us to make arrangements. Often, modifications are necessary to internal components to insure extreme duty cycle and optimal sound quality. These modifications may make the speaker more expensive.

Can I turn up an LAR system all the way up?

Yes, all our systems are designed to sound amazing at full volume without distortion or concerns about damaging the gear. Our systems are hand built to work at full volume, 365 days a year for at least 10 years without issues (some have been in constant operation for over 30 years).

What type of businesses has LAR helped with commercial audio?

Event / Convention Centers
Family Entertainment Centers
Night Clubs / Dance Clubs
Health Clubs / Gyms
Houses of Worship
Bowling Centers
Retail Stores
Country Clubs
Municipal Parks / Playgrounds

Why don’t more commercial sound systems sound as good as LAR Audio?

We’ve been wondering this for years. We suspect that profit is more important than quality for many sound integrators.

What do the LED indicators mean on the front of an LAR controller amplifier?

Please refer to the user manual for each specific controller amplifier. The manuals are located on the product page.

How can I get help with my LAR system?

Call Larry at 716-285-0555 x2

Self-Install FAQ

How many speakers can I put on an LAR controller amplifier?

When using our 70V/100V output mode our controller amplifiers can output full range sound to literally hundreds of speakers. We’re always available to provide our customers with technical services before, during and after a system purchase.

Can I just plug an old phone into my controller amplifier and use Spotify with my business audio system?

Can and should are different answers depending on your situation. Just about any audio source can be used to produce music on an LAR system. If your business has a need for copyrighted music that will heard by the public, we recommend a music service that includes the appropriate licensing. Spotify does not offer a commercial license, but we have services that will work with Spotify playlists and include a license.

How do I wire my Speakon connector?

Each amplifiers User Manual explains how to wire Speakon connectors for specific mode operations.

Can different areas of my facility have different volumes?

Yes, low-cost volume knobs can be added to any room to reduce volume as needed.

How can separate areas in my facility get their own music or microphone?

We call these zones and yes you can design as many zones as you’d like in your system. Each zone will have a separate controller amplifier and sources.

Can I schedule volume changes?

LAR can provide several solutions that includes scheduling volume changes, call for more information.

How do I get better bass?

Subwoofers, subwoofers, subwoofers… We think every business can benefit from having dedicated speakers that are “all about the bass”.

What are the main differences between your controller amplifiers?

All LAR controllers feature the same ease of use, reliability, and warranty. They differ in the size of the facility they cover.

Will LAR help me if I’m installing my system?

LAR has installed hundreds of systems in every sized business, we can help any way you’d like. Advice, troubleshooting, hookup guides, accessories, application ideas, service recommendations… Call us, we’re here to help.

Can I use my existing speakers instead of buying certified LAR speakers?

Yes, but we won’t warranty the controller for 10 years. It will function and produce sound, but at full volume it may distort or cause the controller amplifier to go into “protect” mode. Call us for specific guidelines to help with your decision process.

What music sources does LAR recommend?

This changes over time as new services are invented. As of 2022, Rockbot is tough to beat for commercial installations.

What gauge wire does LAR recommend?

16 gauge for full range or high channel, 14 gauge for subwoofers.

How long of a speaker run can I make?

We’ve made speaker runs longer than 2 city blocks without issue. A rule of thumb is the longer the run, the thicker the wire needs to be.


Health Club / Gym FAQ

We need big, full sound that really moves our clients. Can a large system be easy to operate?

Our systems can be designed as low-volume background music, earth-shaking, high volume monster systems and everything in between. Every LAR system is easy to operate and will sound great.

Are your health club systems warrantied? We’ve blown up multiple systems, none were covered under warranty.

Yes, our spinning, group fitness, yoga, portable and house systems are covered with our 10-year warranty. Yes, you can turn them all the way up. Yes, you can use them hour after hour, day after day. No, you can’t “blow them up”.

Can each instructor use their own device for music?

Yes, LAR systems include easy to access front RCA inputs for whatever sources you’d like. We can also include a Bluetooth receiver for wireless input from many smart devices.

Can instructors all share one microphone?

We recommend each instructor own one. You can share mics the same way you “can” share toothbrushes, but we don’t. Our systems feature Audio Technica wireless microphones with Hirose connectors. We sell our own rugged, low cost, head-worn microphone that’s compatible and worth every penny.

My Facility needs multiple systems, house sound, paging, and multiple TV’s… Can LAR provide it all?

Yes, LAR provides system design, audio & video equipment, installation, music services, media production and more. Contact us today to see how LAR can design a complete facility system that will be trouble-free for years.


Other FAQ

What services does LAR provide?

LAR offers services for Audio, Visual, LED Walls, Media Production, 2D & 3D animation, web design and more!

How do I become a certified dealer or preferred customer?

For all information regarding becoming a dealer, dealer price sheets, and preferred customer discounts please contact [email protected]

What’s the difference between an MV system and an AE system?

MV stand for “Music Voice” System and AE stands for “Audio Environment” System. MV units have adjustable knobs for both Music and Microphone Volume, whereas AE has an adjustable knob for Music Volume only.

Can I special order a custom product for my specific application or need?

Yes, we do offer contract engineering services. Prices and build time vary for each product.

What do I do if my Amplifier breaker is popped?

Turn the power switch off immediately and allow the unit to reset for a few minutes. Then push the breaker back in to reset it and turn the power switch back on. If the problem persists, please call 716-285-0555 x3 for technical support or to schedule a service call.

My amplifier won’t turn play music and it’s LEDs are red; how can I troubleshoot this problem?

All LED troubleshooting and diagnostics can be found in the amplifiers User Manual. For more information contact technical support at 716-285-0555

Are there any internal adjustments that need to be made inside my unit?

No there are no adjustments that need to be made on the users end.

What’s the difference between the MV-1.11X and 2.11BX?

The MV-1.11X is strictly a Monaural System which can be configured in Bridged Mono Mode, or Dual Mono Mode. The MV-2.11BX can be operated in either Stereo Mode, or Bi-Amp Mode. Consult the amplifiers User Manual for further explanation on modes and how they work.

How many varieties of controller amplifiers do you offer?

Currently LAR’s main controller amplifiers advertised are the MV-1.24X, AE-1.24X, MV-1.11X, and MV-2.11BX.

Can I make payments in installments?

If you are approved for credit terms yes. Please contact [email protected] to see if you are approved.

How do I go about getting a quote for my specific application?

For all quotes email [email protected]

Does LAR offer phone support?

Yes! Call 716-285-0555 x2, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or email [email protected]  to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

Does LAR provide specs or Datasheets for each of their products?

Yes, all Datasheets for current amplifiers in production are available on the product specification link on our website. LAR offers User Manuals and Cutsheets for all amplifiers.

Does my LAR Audio Amp Rack require routine maintenance?

Yes! It is best to replace your amplifier rack filter every 6 months. It is also best to keep the inside of your rack clean, dry, and free of debris.

Does LAR offer free shipping?

LAR is currently offering free shipping for orders of $75 or more.

Does LAR offer repairs for all products sold on their website or just their brand?

LAR currently offers repairs on LAR Brand Amplifiers, LAR Speakers, LAR Headset Microphones, and ATW Body Pack Transmitters. Any other repairs must be assessed beforehand.