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Audio Environment Series - Integrated Controller Amplifier


Bulletproof design – Industry Standard Workhorse! 

Like all LAR products, the AE-1.24X was created with easy installation, unmatched flexibility and worry-free operation in mind. 

The Mic/Paging to music ratio is set at installation for ease of operator use. The single volume knob allows users to increase overall volume while maintaining an ideal mix of music and microphone or paging.

Designed and manufactured in Niagara Falls, NY, our flagship model brings our 40 years of engineering experience to work for you.

Ideal for fixed installations with a minimal need for user control. This model dramatically decreases on-site operator error.

Mic, Paging + Music Inputs, 70/100V, Stereo, Bi-Amp
Rackmount, 19" W x 3.45" H x 11.10" D
Entire Facility Audio, Preset Paging Volume
Output Volume
300 Watts RMS

"LAR Audio's rock-solid performance now available to the public, for even the largest Installations!"

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