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Music Voice Series - Integrated Controller Amplifier


Our Flagship Model – Industry Standard Workhorse! 

We designed the MV-1.24X for easy installation, unmatched flexibility and worry-free operation.

Designed and manufactured in Niagara Falls, NY, our flagship model brings our 40 years of engineering experience to work for you.

 4 models available that drive speaker configurations from 2 to 90 speakers. 

Mic & Music Input, 70/100V, Stereo, Bi-Amp
Desktop, 19" W x 3.45" H x 11.10" D
Spinning, Group Fitness, Paging, Family/Bowling
Output Volume
300 Watts RMS

"LAR Audio's rock-solid performance now available to the public, for even the largest Installations!"

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LAR Difference!

Big or Small, LAR has an audio system to fit them all.